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"Dr. Po treated me when other doctors during the pandemic just gave me more pills after I injured my sciatic and could barely walk. Unity was the only acupuncture doctor that called my husband back when we were desperate to find relief for me that did not involve pills.
The entire team at Unity is so wonderful, I go for Acupuncture, Chiropractic & Massage Services. Highly recommend!"

Nicole, M.


"The best results I’ve ever gotten was with Po. My pain level decreased which couldn’t be achieved for two years. I’ve gone to different acupuncture clinics but now after years of searching I only trust Po with my treatment. Also, he customized the Chinese herbs specifically for me and it’s been helping a lot with my pain too. Highly recommend!"

Margaret C.


"Dr. Wu is the most extensive and thorough Chiropractor I've ever been to and I've been to a lot of Chiropractors. I have yet to find someone who takes as much time with you and does as much muscle work as he does. I don't ever need to get a massage! The work that he does relieves muscle pain as well as adjusts the body into alignment and restores balance and relieves tension. He finds spots I didn't even know were hurting! I always leave there feeling like a completely different, relaxed, centered, relieved person. He is worth every penny. No Chiropractor is as strong as he is either. He's very hands on and very experienced. He knows what he's doing. He's safe, careful, and also very friendly! Both my boyfriend and I go to see him every week if not twice a week and it has spared us from many injury and pain. I'm so glad my boyfriend introduced me to him!!!"

Trish R.  5/16/2019


"Dr. Albert Wu has been my chiropractor for more than 8 years. He always provides extensive attention for the care of patients. Because my long hours work, my body, neck, shoulders, low back, hands and arms often in pain. He can adjust, straighten and put my bones back to where they should be and relief my pains almost instantly! I often amazed by the results and walked out the clinic with a big happy smile~ pain free.

Very impressed with his skills and thankful that I have met doctor Wu 8 years ago when I was urgently need care of my painful neck. I will continuously seeking his care and maintaining my pain free quality life.

Thank you for the kindness magical care."

CT. C      5/6/2019


"This is an awesome place for people who is suffering with any body pains. I have suffered lower back pain for quite some time and Dr Albert would do an detail diagnostic of my pain and give me suggestion on how to stretch and release the pain. My lower back pain now feel much better than it was. I highly recommend to everyone!"

Rex. P    9/3/2018


"I was visiting Seattle recently and my neck was feeling really tight after pulling it a few weeks ago. Some relatives recommended Dr. Wu to me. I called him and he was so nice! Because my relatives are close friends with him, he stayed late after closing hours so he could see me as I didn't have much time left in Seattle.
I went in and everything looked very new and clean. All the staff was very friendly while I was waiting for him. When he came into the room, Dr. Wu started with a lot of diagnosis questions and stretch assessments and quickly pinpointed the root cause of my neck tightness. His explanation for why I have chronic neck pain/tightness was very understandable and made a lot of sense (turns out I have severe muscle imbalance, one of my shoulders is higher than the other, and my spine was slightly misaligned).
We then got on to all the adjustments. Of note is that usually I'm kind of scared to be adjusted by the chiropractor but his motions were very crisp and efficient and that helped me to feel much more comfortable. At the end, I felt 70% looser than when I first walked in after just 30 minutes. Boy was I thankful to be looser and finally understand my neck pain! Overall, I thought he was very professional, competent, and warm. Definitely recommend!"

"Edit: I went back later right before I was going to the airport for one more adjustment. Dr. Wu hadn't arrived yet but his brother, Po was there. He's an acupuncturist and despite not knowing me at all he offered to treat me. I am terrified of needles and kind of skeptical of eastern medicine but I figured it'd be worth a shot with nothing to do anyway. He ended up sticking some needles in my foot for several minutes. After he took them out, my neck actually felt even significantly looser! It was a nice surprising weird. Don't think it was due to the placebo effect because I was expecting it not to work haha. Anyway, Po is a friendly guy and seems to understand the fundamentals of acupuncture well, so I'd recommend him too if you are into acupuncture."

Pat G.    6/17/2018


"Doctor Albert gave me a superb treatment for my first visit to the clinic. Very friendly and helpful advice with clean environment and other professional staff whom also provide massage services. Would definitely go back!"

Yu S.      8/9/2017

Testimonials - Unity Health Center (Acupuncture, Chiropractic & Massage) in Bellevue, WA

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Testimonials - Unity Health Center (Acupuncture, Chiropractic & Massage) in Bellevue, WA